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Alexander Švýcarský

Master Luthier/Violin Maker

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I was born in Mladá Boleslav, Czechia, in 1973 into the Vávra family, one of the most prominent Czech violin making families. After graduating from the School of Violin Making in Luby, I continued with a two-year internship in the workshop of master violin makers Vladimír and Tomáš Pilař.

In 1999, I spent another two-year internship at the workshop of restorer Florian Leonhard. Under his direction, I restored and built copies of several fine violins by old Italian masters. I am proud to have a number of satisfied customers who play my personal instruments throughout the world.

Alexander Švýcarský

My instruments have been appreciated by many well-known artists, including violin virtuoso Josef Suk and among Czech musical ensembles, Vladimír Kroupa - Epoque Quartet, Pavel Verner - Apollon Quartet, Martin Houdek Ševčík Quartet.

I have participated in and have earned prizes at many violin making competitions, including the Czech Violin Makin Competition in Prague, Czechia, the International Henryk Wieniawski Violin Making Competition in Poznan, Poland, and the Antonio Stradivari Treiannale competition in Cremona, Italy.



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What people have said about my work

Jakob Diblík
“The viola from Alexander Švýcarský is a daily joy for me to perform on” Jakob Diblík – Member of the viola group in Sinfonienorchster St. Gallen (Switzerland)
Markéta Vokáčová
“Alexander Švýcarský’s excellent violin is a magnificent instrument both in appearance and in sound. Mr. Švýcarský is meticulous about every detail. His violin is so powerful that its tone can soar over an orchestra during a concerto or solo. Alexander’s instrument has always been a reliable partner for me, during my audition for the Czech Philharmonic and in both concerts and competitions. The violin also works beautifully in chamber music settings, both when match up against modern and 18th and 19th century instruments. Thank you very much, Sasha, - Margaret V.” Markéta Vokáčová – Czech philharmonic, Kalliopé Trio Prague
Vladimír Kroupa
“Mr. Švýcarský’s instruments have been with me throughout my entire musical career. The first viola I owned from Mr. Švýcarský was from 1993 and proved very successful, both when performing as a soloist in the SOČR and in many chamber ensembles, including in the Epoque Quartet. In 2013, I was truly excited when I become the owner of a second viola that he had made, which I literally fell in love with.” Vladimír Kroupa – Epoque Quartet, Czech Radio Symphony Orchestra
Adriana Voráčková
“It was love at first sight when I first got to play Alexander Švýcarský’s violoncello, both in its sound and how it responded in my hands. It has a beautiful open sound, yet is both sensitive and merciful at the same time. It shines when it is in the spotlight but it can also blend perfectly with other instruments when needed. It is always a joy to play. In my opinion, it is a perfect copy of  both the maker’s model and personality. Thank you, I am just so pleased to play your instrument. " Adriana Voráčková – Czech National Symphony Orchestra, Gadrew Way Quartet
Josef Suk

Josef Suk and I together in the year 2000 as he purchases a violin that I had made


My awards


Do you have any questions? Do not hesitate to contact me

Alexander Švýcarský +420 723 081 802
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